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Sniffer4D Nano2 Hyper-local Multi-gas
Detection & Mapping System

Small and versatile

Multi-gas Hyper-local Detection & Mapping System

Multi-path TDLAS Hyper-local Methane Detection& Mapping System


The UAV-based system acquires data with accurate gas concentration, geographic and time information, transmitting the data to our powerful analytical software Sniffer4D Mapper for real-time data analysis.

Sense Up to 9 Gases at a Time

Real-time Data Transmission

Real-time Monitoring from Multi-ends

Real-time Data Analysis

One-click Result Delivery

Verified and Superior Data Quality

Sniffer4D Mini2

Sniffer4D Mini2

Support integration with

DJI M30 series and DJI Dock.

Sniffer4D Mini2 + Sniffer4D Mapper + UAV

One-stop workflow allows users to easily finish data collection and work report in one mission.

Sniffer4D mini2
Sniffer4D Mapper Software

Simple Integration with UAVs

Sniffer4D MINI2+DJI
Sniffer4D mini2+ dji+ module

Sniffer4D Mini2 + DJI UAVs

DJI Dock

Opening up Infinite Possibilities

Integrated with DJI M30 series and DJI Dock, the system significantly reduces the cost and boosts the efficiency for unmanned inspections on industrial sites and pipeline leakages, opening up infinite possibilities.

Collaboration for Added Value

Ultra compact & lightweight structural design releases the UAV payload, fully achieving autonomous aerial gas sensing to provide more added value for the flights.

DJI Dock

DJI Flight hub

DJI Flight Hub 2 Supported

Sniffer4D 1ppm TDLAS Methane Sensing & Mapping System also supports real-time data display and remote control from DJI Flight Hub 2, allowing automatic forwarding to Cloud and achieving private deployment.


Typical Applications & Configurations 

Within its price range, CitySense delivers top-class measurement data quality by using state-of-the-art sensors.

Sense Up to 9 Gases at a Time

Sniffer4D is able to sense up to 9 gases and particle concentrations at one time. Users can flexibly choose or alter their sensor


configurations that suit their applications and budgets.

Available Parameters

Oil & Gas / Pipelines

TVOC | H2S | SO2


HAZMAT Response

TVOC | CH4 (NDIR / TDLAS) | CO | CO2 | Cl2 | O2 | NO2 | H2S

Nuclear Radiation

Landfill Inspection

SO2 | TVOC | Cl2 | H2S | NH3


TVOC | SO2 | CO | NO2 | O3 | PM1.0 | PM2.5 | PM10 | CxHy / CH4 / LEL | H2S | HCl | TSP/PM100 | NH3 | CO2 | HCN | H2 | PH3 | Cl2 | O2 | NO | Odor (OU) | High-resolution CH4* | Wind Speed & Direction* | Nuclear Radiation* | Gas Sampling*


* Externally-mounted modules that do not occupy the internal space.

Ambient Air Monitoring

PM2.5 | PM10 | O3 | NO2 | CO| SO2 TVOC | Odor (OU)

Greenhouse Gases


Scientific Research

Sniffer4D System——One-stop Workflow

One-stop workflow allows users to easily finish data collection and work report in one mission.

One-stop work flow

Sniffer4D collects real-time data

4G real-time data transmission to the Cloud

Sniffer4D Mapper analyzes and visualizes the real-time data

Report & datasheet generation

Real-time concentration reading on DJI Pilot

Sniffer4D transmits data to DJI Pilot through PSDK connection

Real-time: Built-in 4G connectivity for real-time data transmission to one or multiple ends. Swarm supported.


* SIM card with traffic can be provided (cost separately).


Offline: Support SD auto recording (with GNSS- fixed) for post-mission analysis.

Supports Private Deployment to Third-party Platforms

* Contact Soarability to activate access

Sniffer4D hardware supports real-time data outputting to user-specified platforms through the MQTT protocol.

Sniffer4D Mapper software also supports outputting the decoded data (json format) to a designated IP address through UDP.

Sniffer4D Hardware

User-friendly Features

Function Expansion Choices

Sniffer4D Mini2 supports connecting to an Expansion Module that allows up to 4 external-mounted modules,

helping users expand their applications for various needs.

Sniffer Mini2 

Sniffer4D Mini2

Expansion Bay


Sniffer4D 1ppm TDLAS CH4 Sensing

external module TDLAS

Sniffer4D 1ppm NDIR CO2 Sensing

external module CO2

Nuclear Radiation Sensing


Wind Sensing

External Temperature & Humidity Sensing Module

Over-the-Air (OTA) Remote Firmware Upgrade

Introduces new features and functionalities over time, making your Sniffer4D even more powerful.

Sniffer4D Mapper Software

Powerful & Overall Analysis

Verified Data Quality

Sniffer4D provides superior data quality and offers up to part-per-billion (ppb) detection resolution for specific modules.

Even gases in ppb-level concentration can be sensed and analyzed with accuracy.

Achieved through: 1. Proprietary ultra-low-noise signal processing circuits.   2. State-of-the-art sensing components.

3. Proprietary environmental and individual difference compensation algorithms.   4.  Rigorous quality control process.

calibration analysis

Industry leading data quality (R²0.81-0.95) in co-location tests with a scientific grade monitoring station.

User Cases

Sniffer4D Locating TVOC Source

Upon receiving complaints from the residents, the local EPA crew quickly located the odor sources around the industrial park using Sniffer4D V2 + DJI M300 + H20T. The solution has provided timely, intuitive and comprehensive information for decision makers.

user case-1
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