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Transforming Public Transport & Service Vehicles into Smart Environmental Sensing Network

Delivering massive, cost-effective and reliable environmental insights, CitySense empowers cities to become cleaner and more sustainable

Currently supporting CH4, PM2.5, PM10, TSP, TVOC and CO2 measurements

CitySense comprises a meticulously engineered sensing hardware that can be conveniently installed on

various public transport systems and service vehicles to collect environmental data reliably.

 Complemented by a robust software platform, the system transforms the gathered spatial-temporal big data into actionable insights.

sniffer4D mapper software

Applications of CitySense

- Identifying natural gas leakages within urban areas
- Identifying areas of high air pollution for targeted mitigation efforts
- Monitoring changes in air quality over time to evaluate the 

   effectiveness of environmental policies
- Providing real-time air quality data to the public for health and

   lifestyle decisions
- Mapping air quality across the city to inform urban planning and

- Facilitating research in environmental science and public health

   by providing valuable data


Available in Two Form Factors, "CitySense-T" and "CitySense-X",
to Suit Different Vehicle Systems


A compact and modularized version that seamlessly integrates into a variety of taxi lamp models atop conventional taxis. This offers minimal changes to the vehicle's appearance and does not interfere with the vehicle's functionality, making it an unobtrusive addition to any taxi.


A robust, weather-proof version suitable for installation on a wide range of vehicles, including buses, garbage trucks, and e-hailing taxis. This version includes the option for omnidirectional cameras and LCD displays. It uses the same internal modules

as CitySense-T.

CitySense-T | Quick & Easy Integration with Diverse Taxi Lamp Models

Thanks to its highly modularized design, CitySense-T offers exceptional adaptability to accommodate different mounting spaces and configuration requirements, thereby reducing both time and resources needed for deployment. Configurable parameters include

CH4, PM2.5, PM10, TSP, TVOC, and CO2.

CitySense-X | Additional Features


Reliable, Consistent, and Representative Measurement Data

Within its price range, CitySense delivers top-class measurement data quality by using state-of-the-art sensors.


lsokinetic air intake ensuring representative air sampling under moving conditions

Auto-stop in rain or mist to protect precise optical parts and to avoid false PM readings

Multi-stage filtering and drying

for gaseous measurements

GNSS+IMU Precise Location Tracking

Ensure reliable georeferencing for the measurement data even amidst high-rise urban environments.

Advanced Self - monitoring Capability

Gain real-time access to CitySense's comprehensive operational status remotely, ensuring optimal functionality and ease of maintenance.

Real - time Concentration Map

Showcase the moving trails of vehicles, illuminated with colour-coded concentration data from the past 15 minutes.

This allows you to identify current high-concentration road segments and assess their impact on

surrounding areas using real-time wind data.

Real - time Data Analysis

Offer a comprehensive view of real-time data from all active devices, with features that enable device ranking, concentration histogram plotting, and targeted device searches for efficient monitoring and analysis.

Historical Concentration Map - Single and Dual

Manage up to a billion data points to highlight high concentration areas and review 24-hour trends. Utilize Dual Mode to contrast concentration maps displaying different periods or parameters for more in-depth insights, such as assessing the effectiveness of control policies, and finding correlations between pollutants.

Historical Concentration Map - Time-lapse Animation

Generate dynamic time-lapse animations depicting concentration trends within a chosen time period,

providing an intuitive visualization of environmental changes over time.

Historical Concentration Map - Multi-source Data Analysis

Harness the power of diverse data sources, integrating ground measurement data from CitySense hardware,

UAV-mounted Sniffer4D measurement data, and Street View imagery.

This comprehensive approach facilitates robust and thorough environmental analysis.

User-defined Locations of Interest - Points, Lines, and Areas

Define your points, lines, and areas of interest, rank them based on nearby concentration data,

and view their 24-hour trends, offering tailored insights for specific locations of concern.

Critical Events Tracking

Keep track of critical environmental events. When concentration levels exceed predefined thresholds for a set duration, the system automatically records these events, capturing details such as average concentration, event duration, occurrence time, and location. All recorded events are accessible for review.

User Cases

Beijing EPA Accelerates Environmental Monitoring & Governing Process using CitySense-T

user case-14

With CitySense-T mounted on EPA patrol vehicles and our robust software platform, the system transforms the gathered spatial-temporal big data into actionable insights for local EPA, accelerating the process of pollution control and management.

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