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About Soarability


Soarability believes that cost-effective environmental big data with ultra-high spatial-temporal resolutions, lays the foundation of accelerating the world toward carbon neutrality and eco-friendliness. Ever since its foundation, Soarability has been focusing on developing class-leading environmental mobile sensing solutions for Hazardous Gases, Greenhouse Gases(GHG), Air Pollution, Meteorology, Radiation, and Water Sampling, bringing ultra-high-spatial-resolution environmental data within reach.

Soarability was founded in 2016 by Steven Jiang and Max Tseng, two alumni from the University of Auckland with extensive experience in sensors and mechatronic systems development.

In 2023

Soarability unveiled its pioneering ground-based environmental data acquisition solution, CitySense—an innovative environmental sensing system that is transforming public transport and service vehicles into a sophisticated environmental sensing network,

while also delivering extensive, cost-effective, and reliable environmental insights.


In 2022

Soarability launched the world's first UAV-based Smart Water Sampling System Speedip, UAV-based/Ground-based Sniffer4D Greenhouse Gases (CO2 & CH4) Sensing System and

UAV-based Sniffer4D Nuclear

Radiation Sensing Module.


In 2021

Soarability launched Sniffer4D V2 Ground Vehicle Integration Kit with a delicate and innovative design, significantly reducing the general

cost of acquiring environmental

data with ground vehicles.

In 2020

Soarability launched Hyperlocal Mobile Multi-gas Detection & Mapping System Sniffer4D V2,

building up milestones of UAV-based

environmental monitoring solutions.


In 2018

Soarability launched the first Multi-gas Sensing & Mapping System Sniffer4D V1 that can be

mounted on different types of UAVs

and ground vehicles. 

old version

In 2017

Soarability and our partner launched the world's first UAV-based Air Pollutant 2D/3D Mapping System "AirSense-100".


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