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UAV-based Smart Liquid Sampling System

Say Goodbye to Rope Tangling, Say Hello to Fully Autonomous Waypoint Mission

Traditional Solutions

Poor Flexibility

Limited on terrains when manually collecting water samples at shore or on boats.

Low Efficiency and High Cost

It takes much time, cost and energy to transport boats to designated places.

High Risk

High-risk activities such as climbing and sailing boats are inevitable for the traditional sample collection method.

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+DJI M350/M300 RTK

The seamlessly integrated system can collect liquid samples at designated locations and depths, revolutionizing liquid sampling operations and giving operators full confidence while enhancing personnel safety.

remote control
DJI pilot
liquid sampling
automous  navigation

Fully Autonomous Waypoint Water Sampling Mission

Speedip V2 supports a fully autonomous water sampling mission using DJl Pilot's Waypoint FunctionTake-off → Fly to target location → Sample at designated depth → Return and land Making routine water sampling easier than ever before

Typical Applications

User Cases

tv report0- soarability

Supreme People's Procuratorate of China Speedip Boosting the Efficiency of Water Sampling

Speedip + DJ M300 + H20 smart water sampling solution plays an important role in improving the standardization and efficiency of water sampling for public interest.

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